The stone lay there like a mountain and we sat here a weary bunch women, men, young, old all linked together at the ankles, by a chain. You could crawl to whomever your heart desired as far as you could drag your chain. We did not know, nor did we ask was it a voice in our nightmare and … Continue reading

The Moment of Meeting

The moment of meeting is near Once again, I am mad, intoxicated; Once again trembles my heart, my hand, As if I am in a different world; Ah! razor, cut not my face in neglect; Ah! wind, disturb not my hair's delight, Heart, embarrass me not, The moment of meeting is … Continue reading

The Leafless Garden

The cloud with its cold damp skin Has embraced the sky tightly; The leafless orchard Is alone day and night With his pure and sad silence. Its lyre is the rain and his song, the wind, Its garment is of nudity cloak, And if another garment it must wear, Let its warf and woof be woven by golden … Continue reading


Dandelion!, Say, from where you are coming, From where and what news you have brought? May you bring good tidings!, but In vain your roam Around my roof and door. I don't expect any news, Neither from a friend, nor from a native district; Go to such a place where ears and eyes watch … Continue reading