Say, from where you are coming,
From where and what news you have brought?
May you bring good tidings!, but
In vain your roam
Around my roof and door.

I don’t expect any news,
Neither from a friend, nor from a native district;
Go to such a place where ears and eyes watch you;
Go to such a place where they expect you.
Everything is blind and deaf in my heart,
Stop lurking here where the self is a stranger to is soul;
You who have always brought bad news.
I tell my heart:
“You are false, o you are false,
You are a cheat, you are a cheat.

Dandelion!, o, but … alas…,
Did you leave with the wind?
I’m speaking to you! Where did you go? o
Is really any news anywhere still?
Has a warm ash still survived
In a hearth – I don’t covet a flame – but does a small still exist?

The clouds all over the world
Weep in my heart all the day and night.

*In Iran, especially in the Northeast, Dandelion is a bringer of good news.

Translated to English by M. Alexandrian

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